Zenoclashultimateedition characterart oxameter

Oxameter as he appears in-game.

"Corwids are insane... Oxameter at a certain point in his life decides his purpose is to just walk in a straight line. As with many cases, the more insane you get, the more irrational your actions become. Oxameter might have sidestepped obstacles in his early stages... and stopped for a sip of water or food. But as his mania evolves, he becomes more fixed on his life purpose.”[1]later on in the first zeno clash the Oxameter can be found dead leaning up against a tree in the desert level.


Zeno clash 2 Edit

In zeno clash 2 the Oxameter's head or helmet can be found in the desert around the same place he died. Picking it up will give you achievement 'end of the line' it has nothing to do with the main story line.

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