Zenoclash ultimateedition characterart fathermother

Art showing Father-Mother.

Father-Mother is the main antagonist from the game Zeno Clash. Father-Mother does not have a definite gender, and is variously referred to as "he" or "she" by different characters. Father-Mother's appearance features bird-like legs and talons, bulging yellow eyes, a beak-like nose, long fingers, and a hunched back. He runs a clan that consists of his many kidnapped children.


In the original Zeno Clash, Father-Mother appears as one of two bosses that does not follow the standard heavyweight attack patterns (the other being Chneero (although he may not qualify as a boss)). Due to their extreme height, Father-Mother will stride somewhat quickly towards Ghat in order to melee attack him. If Ghat is far enough away, then Father-Mother will use a charge attack in which they quickly run towards Ghat and hit him with a swift melee attack, similarly to Gabel. In order to attack Father-Mother, Ghat needs to shoot at their legs with fishguns until they stumble over, allowing Ghat to close in and punch Father-Mother. They will try to defend themselves, however, but not as easily as when they are standing up.

In the second fight with Father-Mother in the finale of Zeno Clash, they will show similar patterns to the previous fight, except this time they can alternatively throw multiple skull bombs from a distance as an alternative to the charge attack. Also, as an indirect offense, some of Father-Mother's children will periodically enter the arena in order to fight alongside them, posing as a distraction for Ghat.