Kax-Teh, known in the original Zeno Clash as Golem, is a character in Zeno Clash that Ghat releases from The Endworld by igniting the pyres and torches.

Background and Personality Edit

Golem was either captured, summoned, or created by the people who placed him in Endworld. From what Golem has said, they were at least somewhat more advanced than the people of Zenozoik. That is, the Corwid are a savage people, and the population of Halstedom is in-between barbarism and a chiefdom, going by the scale of savagery–barbarism–chiefdom–state in anthropology. Golem's people were most likely a state, based on his use of the word 'criminal' to describe both Ghat and Father-Mother (to be a criminal requires a court of law or a law enforcement entity).

Golem also has the traits of an empath. When the Hunter slashes Golem with his claws it afflicts both Ghat and Deadra. When Father-Mother is about to kill Ghat with a hammer, Golem says "This is a problem.", so he bends back or breaks his middle finger which causes Father-Mother to drop his hammer. None of Father-Mother's children showed any response to this, but Ghat and Deadra had their fingers hurt as well. This may prove that Golem has the ability to choose who he synchronizes with.

A Rubix's cube-esque puzzle can be seen, solved, next to Golem during his imprisonment. He is later seen solving the puzzle (presumably randomized by himself) while sitting down on a log next to the house of one of the women whose child was stolen by Father-Mother. He solves the puzzle at the end of the game when all conflicts have been resolved.

Role in Zeno Clash Edit

Golem acts almost as an observer to the events of Zeno Clash, only taking part in the story when necessary. He only takes part in the story when the Hunter is about to kill Ghat, when they need to go through the main gate to Halstedom, and when Ghat decides not to kill nor reveal Father-Mother's secret. This is in contrast to the battles between the Mucalosaurus Worshipers, the Corwid, and Father-Mother's children on the way back to Halstedom.

After Golem solves the problems of Zeno Clash, a figure with the same Rubix's cube-like puzzle can be seen with a telescope on a black tower, both him and the tower looking to be made of the same substance as the shadow people. This figure may belong to the descendents of the people who imprisoned Golem, whom exist beyond Endworld.