The Golem Hammer is a melee weapon in Zeno Clash 2. It is a special hammer that the Golems use in melee combat. It appears to be made of bronze or a similar metal, and it is of a much smoother and refined design than the hammers of the Zenos. It is unbreakable unlike the other hammers in the game.

2014-02-01 00010

The Golem Hammer as it appears in-game.

The Golem Hamer only appears two times in the game: one in the first fight against Kax-Teh, the North Golem, where he uses it to fight Ghat and Rimat; and the other in the final fight of the game, where it is wielded by both the North Golem and the South Golem. In both fights the hammer is essential for victory - once the North Golem is stunned, Ghat is able to pick up and use the hammer temporarily.


When the North Golem is stunned, he drops his hammer on the ground. If Ghat picks it up, he can use it temporarily to inflict greater damage until the North Golem recalls his hammer. When used by Ghat, it is exactly the same as the other melee weapons (albeit unbreakable), and because of this, it is also affected by the +50% melee weapon damage charm.

The Golems seem to have a degree of control over the hammers - they are able to recall their hammers back to them through either teleportation or magnetic force.