A rabbit as it appears in-game.

Rabbits are animals in Zeno Clash and Zeno Clash 2. They appear to be heavily mutated, with a deformed face and skeletal structure. They also seem to be much larger than a normal rabbit, with their size being closer to that of a hare. They are found around the Desert.

Rabbits are typically hunted for food by the Zenos. It appears that the Dual-Fishgun is the favored weapon for rabbit hunters; it is both effective and can fire quickly, finishing off the startled rabbit. After being killed, the carcass is stored in a long tube-like container.

How they are eaten is unknown, as Ghat and Deadra are never seen eating the rabbits.


  • Like most other animals in the game, the rabbit seems to be based off of prehistoric creatures.
  • Killing rabbits count towards the Animal Cruelty achievement.