2014-02-18 00001

The Sand Worm's in-game model.

Sand Worms are animals in Zeno Clash. They are prevalent throughout the sand dunes in the Desert. They are extremely hostile, leaping vertically out of the sand whenever prey comes within reach. Their territory can be easily distinguished, as they only live in loose sand - if you stay on the ground that has grass. you will be safe from them.

The function of the Sand Worms are to act as a border for the map, without limiting the vastness of the desert. If Ghat approaches the side of the road, the air will become hazy and red, and worms will leap up and attack him.


  • The Sand Worms are untargetable and invincible, and cannot be destroyed.
  • Although a pond acts as a border on one side of the map, sand worms will still leap out of it if you approach it.