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A squirrel as seen in-game.

"Stupid rats!"
The Hunter on his squirrels.

Squirrels are animals in Zeno Clash. Unlike their cousins, the Rabbits, they do not seem mutated and closely resemble squirrels in real life. They have barrels of gunpowder strapped on their backs, which The Hunter detonates by shooting them from afar. They appear two times in the game, once in the Desert and once in the Coast, both times during a fight with The Hunter.


The Hunter will fling squirrels down towards you, opening their parachutes and floating down slowly. This makes shooting the squirrels out of the sky an easy thing to do. Shooting the parachute will also make the squirrel fall to the ground. In addition, the Hunter is vulnerable while he is throwing his squirrels, so put in a couple of shots if you can.

Unlit squirrels will quickly hop towards you. When lighted by a gunshot, they will skitter around frantically for a few seconds before detonation. This is a good time to kick the squirrels away, because if they explode near you it will cause large amounts of damage, stun you, and make you drop your weapon. If a squirrel explodes next to another squirrel, this may cause a chain reaction which can easily wipe out most or all of your health.

Focusing solely on the Hunter is generally not a good idea - you may not see a lit squirrel next to you. Try to make sure all squirrels in battle are either far away or dead.

Hiding in an area untargetable by the Hunter (e.g. behind the whale) will draw the squirrels towards you, and leave him unable to shoot them. Leaving cover for a few seconds to shoot the Hunter and then retreating will make the battle an easy fight.


  • Although the squirrels in-game are never seen without the gunpowder barrels, the model for un-strapped squirrels can be found in the game files.