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The Torch when first encountered, held by three inanimate Shadows.

The Torch is a weapon in Zeno Clash. It is found at the beginning of Chapter 9 (the Endworld), where it is positioned on the hands of three Shadows. The Torch is essential for progressing through the chapter, as it is used to light the various pyres and candles that open up the path.

The Torch makes a reapparance in Zeno Clash 2 as the Torch Hammer, but is no longer used for lighting pyres, can be broken, and is pretty much another varient of the Hammer.


The Torch's primary attack is similar to other bashing weapons, but can be swung faster, and cannot perform a charged swing. The Torch can be "lit" by either hitting the candles and activated pyres or absorbing the Shadows' fireballs (see gallery). Lighting the Torch enables its secondary attack, which is blue fire which can be thrown at enemies. A lit Torch can also light pyres or unlit candles. After a period of time or several fireball throws, the Torch gets extinguished and must be relit again.


  • The melee attacks of a lit Torch deal more damage than those of an unlit one.
  • The secondary attack of a Torch is capable of defeating Beholders or newly spawned Shadows in one hit.
  • The Torch is the only weapon that cannot be thrown.